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Mega Farm in Sao Miguel do Araguaia Goiás (The largest in Brazil)

With 70% open in grass, of which 30% is agricultural
Sale of closed port with 100,000 thousand head of cattle.

It has a mansion-type main house, several employee houses, employee accommodation, employee accommodation for outsourced companies, state-of-the-art pens, several sheds for machinery, a shed for storing rations, mineral salt, agricultural supplies, a landing strip approved by (ANAC), triphasic energy, electronic scale, silos, insemination laboratory, soil analysis laboratory within the farm, large leisure area with swimming pool and soccer field, feed factory within the farm, a confinement for 30,000 head of cattle, more than 8,000 km of smooth wire fences, all the bridges on the farm are made of concrete.

Machinery, all new: Patrols, backhoes, tractors, harvesters, loaders
Various trucks, Toyota Hilux trucks, among others.
Hydrography: Farm very rich in water, on the banks of the Araguaia River and 3 larger rivers within the farm, several dams, lakes recently made by the owner 194, 218 and 290 ha of lake.
Soils: There are all kinds of soils within the farm, the clay varies from 15% to 40% clay.
Topography: Flat (most) and slightly undulating.
Documentation: Ok all up to date, with Georeferencing ready
Average Altitude of the Region: 350 m
Region Precipitation: Around 1,600 to 1,800 mm P/Year.
Logistics: Cattle being slaughtered in several slaughterhouses in the state of Goiás, the closest to the farm is in Mozarlândia-Goiás.

Sale Price: US$ 1.2 Billion

Important Observations
  • More than 100 million dollars were invested after 2012 in the construction, renovation and improvements of the estate: 5,000 km of smooth wire fences.
  • 4,800 km of water pipes for pastures;
  • Animal feed factory;
  • Agronomy Laboratory;
  • State-of-the-art veterinary laboratory and artificial insemination (1st world);
  • Nightclub; Restaurant (Top);
  • Genetic improvement of Nelore cattle. Within the farm, a genetic selection is being developed to create the Nelore Piratininga cattle, a breed of cattle specially developed for the region;
  • Implementation of a project for the creation of fish: pirarucu (Brazilian cod).
  • In short, this is the best organized and structured farm in Brazil.

With one of the largest herds in Brazil, Nova Piratininga stands out for its complete breeding, backgrounding and fattening cycle. The farm has one of the largest FTAI (fixed-time artificial insemination) programs in Brazil, presents a high pregnancy rate and is among the first in number of inseminations of the Angus breed.

He farm’s agricultural activity is based on the large-scale cultivation of soybeans and corn. Solid investments in precision agriculture, training, machinery, and its own grain storage structure have allowed for a strong growth year after year.

Committed to sustainability, the cattle-raising business maintains an extensive area of environmental preservation (APP) and legal reserve. The integration between agricultural and livestock farming is carried out sustainably, with appropriate practices that help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.


  • 2 main houses with a complete social area (Recreation area, swimming pool, garage for boats, church, event hall, social club, soccer stadium, sports field).
  • 2 Precast factories.
  • 4 Sheds.
  • 3 Deposits.
  • 5 Hangars and landing strip.
  • Cellar, auditorium, bakery and chef’s house.
  • Road scale with a capacity of 80 tons.
  • 26 Retreats with shed and corral in each.
  • 4 duplex house,
  • 2 Houses

Mas ande otro criollo pasa Martín Fierro ha de pasar, Nada la hace recular Ni las fantasmas lo espantan; Y dende que todos cantan Yo también quiero cantar.

  • 32 Cat/CBT/Valmet/Valtra tractors models: D6D/138/1780/15/128/138,
  • 16 Caterpillar 950/966 mechanical shovels,
  • 7 Harvesters,
  • 4 Motor graders,
  • 1 Fiat Allis wheel loader,
  • 1 Excavator,
  • 1 MF Backhoe.
  • 1 Open Truck.
  • 89 Brush cutters.
  • 27 Agricultural harrow.
  • 2 Apreaders.
  • 1 Sweeper.
  • 1 Hyster forklift.
  • 33 Mercedes Benz Trucks various models.
  • 1 Jeep Truck.
Other Equipment
  • 17 Trailers.
  • 7 Trucks.
  • 2 Mechanical Horses.
  • 2 Plates. (open trailer)
  • 7 Micro buses, years and different models.
  • 2 Compressors.
  • 5 Washing machines.
  • 1 Shoe.
  • 2 Hoists with motor.
  • 1 Processing plant.
  • 9 Penedo concrete mixers.
  • 1 Tire changer.
  • 6 Power Generators, different years and models.
  • 1 Sander.

Mega Farm in Sao Miguel do Araguaia Goiás, Brazil.

[135.000 ha]

Total area

[40.500 ha]

Agricultural Area
Heads of cattle

[US$ 1.2 Billion]


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