[ our benefits ]

GSB, breaking down borders of International Trade

Customer Focus

Customers choose us for the simplicity of communication and an understanding your need for commodity demand from our market.


We work according to the complete documentation cycle of international trade standards, based on the rules of the ICC.

Multi Experience

We provide a wide range of services, we work with different tools to adapt to the different needs of our clients from all over the world.

We facilitate opportunities

We facilitate access to international buyers to most South American commodities, with quality products and competitive prices.


Certified high-class specialists.

Experience & Skills

Highly trained professionals

Customer Focus

The customer is always our priority

[ main principes ]

South American Connection

We operate in 8 South American countries

With offices in Brazil and Argentina, we also have representatives in Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.

Qualified exporters meet your demand

Easy access to the main commodities of the 8 South American countries where we operate, with direct access to the most qualified exporters.

Import from South America

In our wide portfolio of South American suppliers, we can find the ideal product for your company

Export to South America

If you have a quality product at a competitive price, we facilitate your access to the South American market.



What Can We Offer

Investment Projects

With foreign capital of medium and large size & with short payback

South American Partner

Insertion of foreign products in the main South American markets

Commercial Representations

We can represent your brand/product in Argentina and Brazil







[ features ]

Investment projects in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

  • Agricultural sector
  • Industry sector
  • Construction sector
  • Energy and fuel sector
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Agricultural sector
  • Sugar-Alcohol sector
  • Industry sector
  • Construction sector
  • Energy and fuel sector
[ features ]

South American Partner

We can be your partner in the South American market. If your company has quality products and competitive prices, we can help you penetrate in the South American market, with a small investment we can be your distribution channel in South America, or we can also link you with companies that sell their products in distribution networks already installed.

We set up a distribution network

With a reasonable investment from your company, we set up a distribution network for your products in the country you indicate, we promote your products in different communication channels and after the results of the sales, we resume your profitability with a commission deducted for our work. .

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We insert your products into existing distribution networks

Another possibility to insert your product in the South American market is to insert it in already existing distribution chains, for this we make agreements with companies that already sell in the sector of your product line, in this case to the deduction of our commission is added the Commission of the third distribution company.

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Commercial Representations

We can represent your brand/product in Argentina and Brazil


We register your brand in the Argentine and Brazilian  markets, thus marking the commercial presence in the main South American markets.
We act as legal representatives in these markets.
We assume in parallel the commercial representation of your brand in these 3 markets, together with all responsibility for marketing, sales and distribution.