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Vineyard in Maipu Mendoza – Argentina - Barrancas - Provincial Route 14 - FARM with 92 Hectares, it covers a sector of excellent soils.

Deep soils, with a clay loam texture, with a natural slope of 1.5% in a west-east direction.
As for the vineyards, it has an implanted surface of 78 hectares, made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Malbec that constitute more than 95% of the total.

An old Sangiovese vineyard managed in a totally traditional way remains.

The irrigation is by dripping and they are protected with anti-hail mesh in 60% of the total.
The rest is irrigated superficially by means of rectified contour lines for a better distribution of the water.
The grapes are marketed to first line wineries. (Chandon, Toso, Argento, Bianchi, Los Haroldos and others).
Irrigation water enters directly from the Barrancas canal, which irrigates some 3,000 hectares throughout the district.
The farm has Permanent Irrigation Rights for 58 hectares and Temporary for 22 hectares. At the same TURNO water intake site, there is a 12-inch well in perfect condition that discharges about 180,000 liters/hour and a dam that contains 15 million liters, enough to irrigate the entire surface.

The estate is bordered to the west by Bodega Toso and other small owners; to the north and east with Bodega Toso and to the south with foreign enterprises located on the other side of LAS BARRANCAS that give the area its name and constitute an area of high archaeological and landscape value with vestiges of Huarpes indigenous settlements.

Sale Price: US$ 2.24 Million


Main house

As for building improvements, it has a CHALET With more than 100 years of construction and history, it is preserved in perfect condition, with 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, covered and uncovered gallery, kitchen, dining room – pool and 8000 m2 park.
There you can breathe the history of the development of Mendoza’s viticulture.
Adobe walls, original floors, furniture brought especially from Italy, give this house a style that is difficult to replicate.
It also has a tourist enterprise called LA POSTA DEL MALBEC, 8 houses for staff housing and a 96m2 shed with a tin roof and a concrete floor.



In 2003 an agritourism project began with the name of LA POSTA DEL MALBEC.
The product is marketed with companies from the United States, COUNTRY WALKERS, and consists of a 4 km walk through the vineyards, ending with a typical barbecue at the Posta facilities. The level of satisfaction is very high and the demand sustained

Barrancas Vineyard in Maipu Mendoza

[92 ha]

Total area

[78 ha]

Production Area
[Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Malbec]

[US$ 2.24 Million]


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